Fundraising Guidelines

Parent Fundraising

Fundraising activities allow families to acquire money to be used to purchase items that Head Start grant funds cannot. All fundraising activities must be planned by a committee. The families at a site must decide how any money generated will be used.

No Head Start funds can be used for any costs related to fundraising activities. This includes paper, copying costs, tickets, etc .If Head Start supplies (paper), or the copier (for making copies), or other items are used, money from the fundraising account must reimburse the program for the costs.

Head Start staff cannot be paid for direct participation in any fundraising activity. Staff can advise committee members, (as a part of their jobs) but they cannot be paid for any time spent in actual fundraising efforts.

The Fund-Raising — Federal Policies ACYF-PI-HS-06-06 is a good guide when in doubt.

Any questions should be directed to the Regional Manager.

Head Start Program Performance Standards and Other Regulations